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Use A Murphy Desk to Save Space

Murphy wall bed

Do you have a room in your house that is unused because you think it is too small? Perhaps you should take another look at how you can best utilize your space. Perhaps you can use it as a guest room or office.

So, how do you go about making such a small space work? Consider using a Murphy desk, and other such space saving items. A Murphy desk is a perfect to a small space, as this desk fold up into a wall unit. Because when the desk is not in use and folded up onto the wall, you save valuable floor space.

In addition to the Murphy desk, add a Murphy bed. Again, this functional piece of furniture folds up or slides into the wall. Once again, you are saving floor space. You can get a Murphy bed kit, as well as kits for the Murphy desk if you are a do it yourself type of person. Folding bed and desks will add function to your room.

Moving on to your closet, consider custom closets ad closet organizer systems. Along with the Murphy desk, these closet shelving systems are wonderful space savers. Make the most out of available space through these closet systems. You can find DIY closet systems, as well as those installed by professionals.

By bringing together the Murphy desk, the Murphy bed, and the closet organizer, your resulting room will be functional, as well as comfortable. Because these units are so versatile, this little room can be used as office space during the day and a guest room in the evenings.

Many people forget about these wonderful items such as the Murphy desk, and just think that they have to stuff a small room full of traditional furniture. This may be one reason why smaller spaces go unused. With these functional pieces, you can use your space effectively and efficiently.

Use Smartauction for Your Online Auctions

AWG and its Smartauction product are taking the automotive remarketing arena by storm. AWG provides leading edge live simulcast services to the independent auction community around the world. AWG offers it Smartauction products to many leading auction companies around the world including Manheim, Openlane, OVE, and Gsa auctions. The company also provides services for insurance auto auctions.

In addition to Smartauction, AWG provides consulting and infrastructure services to clients such as dealer groups and public auction. They can provide a full range of services to dealerships of any size.

The development team that started AWG and Smartauction came together more than a decade ago. It is interesting to note that this team is still together and is charged with keep the Smartauction product and AWG ahead of its competitors. The company has more than 20 proprietary technologies under its belt. These technologies all bled together to form the perfect online arena for independent auto auctions. These technologies include Smartauction.

Other industries that are benefiting from the Smartauction technology include banks and other financial institutions. The AWG technology lets banks hold online auctions in real time. This will allow bidders to participant in the Smartauction in real time, just as if they were right there.

Real estate, heavy equipment, aviation, and many other industries are using the products such as Smartauction as alternatives to traditional auctions. These industries are turning to these technologies in order to reach more potential buyers and bidders.

AWG strives to make its products easy to use as well as beneficial. Propriety tools include Simulcast and CinemaCast conferencing auctions. These tools let user experience audio and video conferencing as if it were happening live and in person.

Even if you are a smaller auto dealership, AWG and Smartauction can help. Even if you do not need the full range of our products, we can help you select the technology that will best assist you. We will the link it to your current website.

If you are using a product by another vendor, we can add any one of our technologies to supplement your current products. All of our services, including Smartauction have been designed to boost your web presence, and in turn increase your online revenues.

Do not wait any longer to start your Smartauction experience. Give AWG a call and get started on making more money and profits through online auctions.
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Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

Gluten free dog treats

Did you know that nearly 40 percent of all American households owns a dog? Well it is a fact. While there is no one reason for the popularity of dogs, much of it can probably be attributed to the fact that dogs are fun and interesting. Since dogs know their owners by scent, as soon as they approach the front door, their dogs will become excited that they are home after a long day without them. Pet owners are so fond of their dogs, they most treat them as parts of the family, and others even as if their dogs were their own children. While parents do not usually consider their dogs as important as their children, there is no question that they enjoy spoiling them with easy dog treats or peanut butter dog treats. In fact, homemade dog treats can be an excellent way for parents with children to spend time together, which also allows them to spoil their dogs. Considering the fact that over a third of dog owners give their dogs birthday presents like homemade dog treats made in usa.

One of the most important responsibilities of being a parent involves finding quality ways to spend time with their children. Museums, story time, playgrounds, and zoos are all excellent, and often educational, ways to spend time with a child, making homemade dog treats is another unique way to spend time together that is fun and educational. Most parents probably realize that kids enjoy baking. As such, baking homemade dog treats allows kids and their parents to enjoy their time together, while also learning the basics of cooking and because homemade dog treats come in mixes, it is not too messy or complicated. Still, children will need to read the directions and follow those directions in order in order to bake them properly.

Another great thing about homemade dog biscuits is the fact that they come in wheat free dog biscuit kits and gluten free dog treats mixes. Thus, they are safe for children who are allergic to gluten or wheat flour. As far as the dogs are concerned homemade dog treats are also healthy, so they will not cause any harm to your beloved dog. The bottom line is that making homemade dog treats can be fun for the kids, the mom, the dog, and even dad. So, if you are one of those dog owning parents who enjoys spending quality time with your kids and your dog, why not try homemade dog treats?