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Learning About the Different Types of Gaskets

The gasketing industry produces all sorts of gaskets for a multitude of other industries. Gaskets seal joints and other surfaces together, and the need for them has a wide range. In this video, you will learn everything you need to know about gaskets, including why they’re needed, how they work, and the different types of gaskets you can expect to find.

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You will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of gaskets and the gasketing industry.

When two surfaces are meant to be flush against each other, there will always be a gap between them. This is because the tools we use to make these surfaces can never be absolutely perfect, and even on a microscopic level, there will be some unevenness that creates gaps. The purpose of a gasket is to seal up that gap. As a result, gaskets can come in many shapes and sizes in order to meet the needs of all sorts of products, which is why there are so many different types.


Keep Your Aircraft in the Air with Commercial Helicopter Parts

According to FlightGlobal’s 2020 data report on the global in-service fleet across the civil and military helicopter market, there are approximately 26466 rotorcrafts worldwide, excluding military helicopters. North America accounts for 33% of the global civil fleet with 8,669 units.

Civil helicopters serve many operations across different market niches, including medical evacuations, tourism, chartered flights, law enforcement, oil and gas exploration, among many others. As an aircraft owner or operator, part of your responsibility is to ensure that your helicopter is regularly repaired and service to keep it airworthy. This necessitates the use of quality commercial helicopter parts.

The Importance of Sourcing Quality Commercial Helicopter Parts

Damaged or worn-out parts for rotary-wing aircraft can ground your unit for long periods. It is not just the fact that your rotorcraft will be out of service; you may also need to ensure that the helicopter meets the stringent requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Federal Aviation Regulations under the Title 14 of the FAA’s code of Federal Regulations (CFR) stipulate the standards and codes relating to airworthiness and elements of maintenance. Critical to the set guidelines are certification procedures for commercial helicopter parts and products.

The FAA’s definition of airworthiness relates to “when an aircraft or one of its parts meets its type design and is in a condition that supports its safe operation.” The commercial helicopter parts that you pick play a significant role in staying compliant with this guideline. The helicopter replacement parts that you use need to have an equivalent level of safety to the original parts used.

FAA certification procedures are specific and are determined by the criticality level that categorizes the parts being replaced. This might include specific inspection protocols and test procedures carried out by trained and qualified personnel. The specifications may need to have a definitive and verifiable standard for PMA certification.

Finding a Reputable Commercial Helicopter Parts Supplier

To comply with FAA codes and ensure that your aircraft is airworthy, you may need to find quality spare parts and components. You may need to identify a reliable vendor that can avail the components required when called upon. The first step would be to research and conduct background checks on potential candidates before settling on anyone.

You may need to ensure that the company you pick adheres to the strict standards set by the FAA. Confirm that the helicopter parts suppliers carry out rigorous testing on their facilities to ensure that the parts are of the highest quality. Request to see certifications from the FAA for their PMA approval.

Additionally, you may need to verify that the company stocks or manufactures the component that you require. Going through their online inventory can help you determine whether they service your specific helicopter model. A wider inventory can prevent you from moving from one vendor to the next in search of different parts to have your aircraft back in the air.

Get Genuine Helicopter Parts Today

Commercial helicopter parts are essential in keeping your aircraft airworthy and compliant with the FAA rules. You may need to find the right supplier for the components you require. If you have any questions regarding helicopter replacement parts, reach out to an aerospace cooperation.

How to Choose Your Wedding Band

A wedding takes an immense amount of planning. From the venue, guest list, to the menu, there are so many things that you need to prepare for. Choosing the best wedding bands is also on the list. This video will discuss what you need to consider when choosing your wedding band.

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When it comes to picking your wedding band, it is important to respect tradition, but tailor it to your tastes. You don’t need to pick the same boring band that everyone else does just because of tradition. Picking something with unique detail to you should certainly be encouraged.

It is important to know which metals you will be choosing from. Platinum is quite popular. Surprisingly, it is more expensive than gold because it is rarer. It is quite durable though, which makes it a popular choice.

It will also help to know basic jewelry vocabulary. Knowing the difference between comfort fit and standard fit will be helpful. Standard fit has a flatter inside of the ring, where comfort fit has a more rounded texture that forms to the finger a little better.