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Falls Remain One Of The Most Deadly Accidents On-The-Clock Creating A Safe Work Environment

A single slip and fall incident can be devastating.

They remain one of the most notorious hazards of the modern construction industry and the general workforce alike. Poor weather can freeze over bridges and make railguards slippery. Bad equipment, such as footwear, can make work unreliable and increase the probability of a misplaced step. It’s the little things that can be easily overlooked…and exactly why you should consider looking at your work environment with a critical eye. To keep your workers safe means to stay ahead of the curve.

Nylon lifting straps and alloy steel chain slings are essential ingredients for any safe work environment. Here’s what you need to know.

Americans Face Several Hazards On-The-Clock

Every work environment has its own health risks. The construction industry is well-known for having the average worker regularly come face-to-face with dangerous equipment, unreliable weather, and long hours. OSHA was Continue reading