Is Your Company Data at Risk?

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Did you know that, as early as 2010, there were at least 19.5 million tablet sales? Since then, that number has skyrocketed, and, in just three years, Apple alone has sold more than 39 million iPads. This increase in tablet sales, and the widespread use of smartphones, is encouraging another emerging trend, bring your own device systems. Bring your own device, or BYOD, is quickly becoming an accepted model in classrooms, and in the workplace. The most alarming thing about that decision? Companies and schools are taking limited actions, and sometimes no actions, to protect sensitive data. Instead, companies and colleges alike are putting important systems, and stores of information, at great risk. What can organizations do to correct these negligent behaviors?

Consider Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) helps curb the risks of BYOD and cloud computing systems. BYOD models help save costs, which can be especially important for school districts with modest budgets. In a professional setting, BYOD is proven to increase employee satisfaction and performance, and, to top it all off, employees are much more likely to check company em-mails off the clock. By simply adopting BYOD systems, employers boast increases in productivity and goals of up to 20%. How can employers, employees, and students enjoy these perks, without worrying?

How Exactly Does MDM work?

Mobile device management, including iPhone security and iPhone management, assesses security risks, and helps reign in costs. Management programs and software help configure data, and encrypt important company information. Some even come with tools to remotely wipe data in the event of device loss or theft. Desktop Management Interface, or DMI, is a new type of mobile device management program, helping companies maintain and secure software and hardware used in most BYOD models. predicts that mobile app projects will overtake PC projects by a ratio of four-to-one, in just a couple of years, or by 2015. Companies and schools alike need to be prepared to consider, and adopt, Byod, and they need security and management programs to go along with it. Research more like this.

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