How to Install a Garage Door

This youtube video is about how to install a residential garage door. The video explains step by step how to install a three-piece roll-up residential garage door. First, the door is put together, then manually lifted up to install the cable and pulley springs.

When installing a garage door for a resident, it takes at least two people to do so safely. This is because the door can be very heavy and each step needs to be handled carefully.

Video Source

Hinges and rollers need to be installed to ensure the door can roll properly on the track. Weatherstripping needs to be installed at the bottom of the door to allow a good seal and keep rain, wind, etc, out of the garage.

As long as each person works together in unison the garage door will go into place simply. This video makes it look so simple for a residential garage door install.

With teamwork and a lot of know-how, a residential garage door can be put together. Each step must be followed carefully, and ensure safety measures are all adhered to. If anyone is careless, someone can get hurt really bad because a garage door is heavy. However, in this video, everything works out and the garage door is up and running in no time.

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