How to Repair a Cooling Tower

In this YouTube video, Dynesic Technologies looks at whether it’s possible to refurbish a cooling tower and other cooling tower repairs. Cooling towers are larger components of a system that cools the temperatures inside of a building. Most larger buildings in the country have one or more of these cooling towers on the roof.

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A cooling tower can suffer from rust and corrosion over time. Outward visible indications include rust, accumulated minerals, or even holes piercing the exterior. Cooling towers are always susceptible to this type of damage.

PANSEAL is a metal sealing product that stands up to 3,000 PSI with high adhesive. Resin is mixed with the PANSEAL product, and it can then be applied to the damaged areas of a cooling tower. This product can be applied onto all flat surfaces, vertically, horizontally, on floors, and ceilings, sealing any damaged areas. It can be used in wet or cold environments and is self-leveling. PANSEAL begins to cure at 40 degrees Fahrenheit. At higher temperatures, it can take about eight hours to cure.

Larger sections with more significant corrosion damage can first be covered with cheap sheet metal. Once the sheet metal is applied as a patch, PANSEAL can seal and cure the area. Masks are not required for application, but gloves are recommended.

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