Rent Wars: Choosing a House or Apartment

When it comes time to rent for the first time, you may find yourself swimming through countless apartments and houses to choose from. However, not every option is built the same. When you are looking into renting an apartment or home, you need to know your stuff. In this video, Living Free Forever covers some important tips to keep in mind to help you choose between a house or apartment.

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Living Free explained that there are lots of scams out there when looking to rent a house, and recommends getting a realtor in order to keep your rights protected. This will also help you find a house that best fits your needs. It is also important to note that if you choose to rent a house, you may get more space but you most likely will also be responsible for more of the maintenance.
The main advantage of choosing a house is more room and, usually, a quieter living style.
As for an apartment, a huge advantage is that there is usually maintenance on-staff that will be able to quickly fix any problems that you are having. You may also be able to rent an apartment month-to-month as opposed to a full-year lease. Apartments oftentimes offer extra luxuries. These can include a pool, a fitness room, and even free coffee.

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