What Exactly Goes Into Cooling Tower Maintenance and Service?

A cooling tower service company is the expert to call when a cooling tower needs repair and maintenance. This video shows the step-by-step diagnostics that a cooling tower service company takes to diagnose cooling tower problems.

A cooling tower is a peripheral system that cools water as it passed overheated coils. This complex equipment relies on pumps and other devices to move the cooled water through the tower and produce the cooling feature.

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This video evaluates the potential breaking points within the tower that can cause a malfunction. This step-by-step video does all the checks from power checks to pump checks and everything in between to find the problem.

The step-by-step process shows the viewer how to remove parts that may be malfunctioning and what steps need to be taken to complete the diagnostic process. For most people this video takes a highly technical subject and makes it more relative.

Anyone that wants to better understand the maintenance and repair of cooling towers would appreciate this video. You can learn the basic diagnostics steps to quickly identify a problem within the tower that is causing a malfunction. Watch the video to learn how this technician identified the problem and repaired the problem.


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