Insight into Mobile Home Parks

A manufactured home community can provide a great solution for affordable housing. A manufactured home community is an excellent opportunity to build equity, and save money. This video will give you a new appreciation for manufactured homes.

Video Source

This video contains comparisons between manufactured housing costs and rental costs. It also looks at a real-life sale scenario. Learn more about how beneficial it can be to buy a manufactured home and rent the land that the home sits on. This presenter makes some valid points to why this model is a better option.

The video makes some predictions about where this market will go in a few years. Spoiler Alert! The presenter predicts that people will be looking more closely at this option with a new eagerness. This video evaluates the need for affordable housing and how manufactured housing can make it easier to get into the homeowners market.

There is no doubt that there is a housing crisis in North America. Finding affordable housing is becoming more difficult. Could manufactured homes be the solution? Watch this video to learn more about this housing option.


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